An Englishman in New York

Another series that has been broadcasted in the US and the UK is the story of Sherlock Holmes. This example is not a case where a TV-show is becoming international, but an example were a certain source is being adapted at the same time in the same way (but in different countries). The BBC show Sherlock is a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. The stories and the series aren’t directly taken from the book, but they are combinations of the stories from the book with new elements. The CBS show Elementary is also a modern version of Sherlock Holmes, but it takes places in New York and Watson is a woman. It looks a lot like the average American crime series.



In both shows, the city where it all takes places is very important. In Sherlock, this is Londen, in Elementary it is New York. Sherlock is a show that works with famous actors, it has a complex storyline and the aesthetic is very stylised. Sherlock is a drama-series with high quality. Elementary on the other hand, uses conventions from the average American crime-series. There’s always one case to solve, it always has to do with murder and there’s always a suspect being questioned at the police station. The duration of the episodes and the hierarchy of the series in the overall program is also important. Elementary is being broadcasted on an American commercial network, which in results in the fact that they have to make time for commercial breaks and product placement. Sherlock is not being broadcasted on a commercial network, doesn’t have to take commercials into account, but it is broadcasted late in the evening. This due to the laws when it comes to the content of a program and suitability for a certain audience.

These two series aren’t examples of a show that’s being adapted to a foreign country to make it international, but an example of how an idea is being used and adapted in different countries. The American version is American in the way that it’s taking place in New York, but also the conventions around the genre and technical aspects when it comes to broadcasting are American. This can be seen as an example of Corporate Convergence, where the original material is being adapted to make better suitable for a certain country or culture. 


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